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photo gallery version 2 is here!

At long last (hey, we've been busy, okay?!?) the updated photo gallery module for siteHQ (lite only) is here...and we're pretty stoked about it!

So, what's the big deal?  THIS is the big deal:

  • Improved Gallery managment with more intuitive and easy-to-use tools for adding, editing (with edit-in-place capability built in!) and removing galleries, with NO LIMIT on the amount of galleries you can create!

  • An ajax-based Photo Uploader, which provides much more feedback on upload progress, that can handle many uploads at one time of larger photo files.

  • Customizable sizing of uploads, including multiple thumbnail generation AND custom watermarking!

  • Improved photo caption addition/editing/removal

Plus, we've got new photo gallery platforms that can make your pics look their best on your website!

The best part of all...it's STILL JUST $110*!

*siteHQ-lite purchased seperatley, must be installed.

Don't delay, and get the the siteHQ photo gallery version 2.0 today!

Posted June 8, 2011


custom websites starting at just @ $495

You know, when we started this re-design we had originally intended on coming up with a whole whack of text about what we do and how we do it, but we're guessing you have better things to do than read through pages of copy that at the end of the day is only saying one thing:


Not enough? Well, for those of you that do want a bit more, here's a brief description of some of the things we do.

Strategy Planning

Lets face it, what seperates a good website from a great one, is proper planning.

We'll work with you to develop a game plan that will ensure an effective website you're pleased as punch with!

Design & Development

Here's the fun part: When all of our planning efforts come to a head!

Working within the boundaries and goals set out in stage 1, we'll put your best face forward with a modern, tasteful, and dare we say it, downright sexy design.

The process is simple: We'll create a mock-up based on your requirements, and keep on changing it until you're pleased!

Once we've got the design nailed down, we'll code it up, and add your content, or attach the content managment system (ahem, shameless siteHQ plug) and you can take care of it yourself!

Custom Applications

First of all, let's clarify: An "application" can mean a lot of things.

In this case, it's a particular piece of programming that is designed to do something outside the typical realm of website performance.

This would include (but is most certainly not limited to):

  • survey/questionnaire

  • membership system

  • discussion board

  • guest book

  • custom interactive elements

  • search engine

  • blog/commenting

You get the picture. If you're unsure of what makes an app an app, just ask!

Email Campaigns

First of all, we're not talking about the ones in which people are trying to share their billion dollar inheritances with you, or sell any particular "enhancement" drugs.

What we're talking about is sending valuable information (in this case, yours) to people that actually want it (in this case, your well maintained list of recipients (yes, we can help with that too)).

Email marketing has become one of the most affordable ways of reaching your customers, and with a custom designed eFlyer (as we call them) tailored your way, and proper result tracking in place, you're sure to see results!

Web Hosting

So, we've planned it all out, built you a gorgeous new site, and everything is set to go: Where you gonna put that new site?

Don't worry, we've got that covered, with affordable and reliable hosting.

What IS hosting, anyways?

Here's a ridiculous over-simplification:

  • A website is typically comprised of a collection of files held in a folder on a server (aka "the host", which is pretty well a computer with a huge harddrive).

  • Your domain name tells the browser where this server is.

  • Once accessed by the browser, the files on the hosting server will tell the browser what to display.

Content Management System

Looking to manage your own content? Want to handle photo uploads, advertising, inventory, blog (the list goes on)?

Look no further than the siteHQ content management system, our very own, super simple, super affordable application that gives you the level of control you want.

Website Updates

Keeping your content fresh is always good, and if you don't feel you've got the time (or just don't want to!) to keep it updated, we'd be happy to handle it for you!

Typically we bill updates at an hourly rate of $55/hour, however, if your site requires regular updating, we'd be happy to put a monthly update package together that'll save you money from the hourly rate.

Update times vary based on frequency and depth.

In Summary

If you need something web-related, odds are we can provide it, and at a great price to boot!

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!